Nano-Indenter Facility

The TriboIndenter is the most comprehensive nanomechanical test instrument developed to date.   It is capable of bridging the gap from qualitative studies to quantitative research. The TriboIndenter is an automated instrument providing nanomechanical testing and nanometer resolution in situ imaging of surface topography as well.   The triboindentor at UMBC capabilities and features include but are not limited to

  • Two-Dimensional Transducer Head Assembly for Measurement of Normal and Lateral force and displacement for Quasistatic and Nanoscratch Testing.
  • Optem Optical Microscope with CCD Camera for imaging
  • Dynamic stiffness measurement
  • Calculate storage and loss modulus,
  • Mapping of viscoelastic response including loss stiffness, storage stiffness and damping
  • High Load Depth-Sensing Indentation Head
  • Conical diamond probe tips, Fluid cell tips, Traditional Berkovich tips