Microsample Testing Facility

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MicroTensile Testing for Local Mechanical Properties

Microtensile testing can accurately and effectively probe the mechanical properties of materials of interest on the local level. Specimens with overall dimensions of 3 mm x 1 mm with ~0.30 mm square gage section can be extracted from microstructural areas of interest. For anisotropic cases, the micro-tensile samples may be extracted with varying orientations to characterize differences in mechanical performance.


Here is a movie of a titanium 5111 microtension experiment conducted at room temperature under quasi-static loading. The speckle-pattern is used to determine and track strain in real time. The specimen dimensions are shown below.

helpful Image for scale Capabilities

  • Full Stress-Strain Curve
  • Failure Surfaces Preserved
    • Defect Determination
  • Test Temperatures: RT to 800°C
  • Strain Rates: 10-4 to 1



  • Additively Manufactured Parts
  • Friction Stir Welds
  • Electro-deposited Material
  • Castings
  • Ti alloys, Steels, Al, Cu, Ni